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Nov 1 2013, 02:46 PM
Nov 1 2013, 11:32 AM
The Room Stops
Nov 1 2013, 09:45 AM
Nov 1 2013, 05:56 AM
I HATE what these writers have done to Maggie and Marlena's friendship. Back in the day, these two women were great friends and had really nice scenes together; in fact, John used to get in Marlena's face about telling Maggie too much. Since Marlena's return 2 years ago, have Marlena and Maggie had one single conversation? Even in Thursday's episode at Victor's house, they barely said one word to each other. Awful, awful writing!!!!
That's the one thing I really do not need as a blast from the past. They can keep Mama Ding-Dong far away from Marlena. They have ruined Maggie and made her intolerable. I always disliked her, and found her really annoying, but from post like 1999 until now, I just want her off for good. I want Victor free and Maggie gone. I want Victor to go and be with his one true love, Caroline, and they can snark at each other and be sassy.

They used to be really good friends, but friendships need to be cared for and they both just sort of stopped. Maggie would badmouth John to Marlena and as douchebaggy as he was, that's just not cool. I liked their friendship in the 80s and 90s, but Maggie became intolerable with the "power" of being a hostess from 1999 and on.
Maggie and Marlena's friendship started long before John was even on the show. And real friends do raise concerns about husbands, parnters, etc. when they have concerns. That's part of

The writers have ruined both Maggie and Marlena -- and the fact that the history of their friendship isn't being honored reflects just as badly on Marlena as it does on Maggie.

SR is a 40 year veteran of the show -- and the longest running actress on daytime TV. She isn't going anywhere, so they need to begin writing Maggie as we know she should be written.
It bothered me yesterday how Marlena and Maggie were pretty cold to each other. When they passed each other when Marlena was leaving they acted like the didn't even know each other.
I know - it was ridiculous! These two women have a 30 year history together and they barely looked at each other.

These writers need to get their acts together.
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