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Titus Andronicus
Nov 2 2013, 08:14 PM
Back to Marlena during that period, Days had a storyline at the end of 1988 where it was teased she was alive. It was revealed to the viewers first that it was a Stefano mindgame, but the payoff was Roman accepting her death and realizing he could fully move on with Diana. I think it was not long after that that Roman was willing to declare Marlena legally dead so he could propose...

... Until Genie Francis's contract was up.
You know, if you watch her return in 91 there was an opportunity to tie that in. John has to choose between Marlena and Diana's doors or something. He chooses Diana believing that Marlena being alive is a mind game. But then when Marlena returns she talks about hearing his voice. We later find out it was the real Roman, but what a missed opportunity. What if it had been him and he chose wrong and could have saved her much sooner?
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