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Nov 2 2013, 10:03 PM
Nov 1 2013, 09:31 PM
i don't think every couple needs to have interlopers. Tom & Alice didn't have interlopers in the 80s. Alice's love for getting in the middle of Bope's adventure plots doesn't count. You can create a lot of relevant couple drama without the need to have a third person. Someone loses their job, someone's being accused of something, someone's hiding something from the other to protect a third person, etc. Bo & Hope had their fair share of stories between 2007 & 2009, none of which required an interloper. There was no Billie, no Carly, no Patrick, no Larry, no Megan.
2007 was the worst Bo and Hope year of all. During the vendetta story they would have those "cute" bets about changing diapers. It was cheesy and embarrassing to watch. I felt bad for PR in those scenes.

2009 had Carly, if you mean before her return there was Bo and his visions.
my point was that there was no person as an interloper during those years, but Bo & Hope were still seen regularly and were integrated into stories. Yes, Bo's visions were ridiculous.
the cute bets & the little snarkiness was adorable, IMO. I'd rather have some light humor between two people who are in love than constantly have to watch a couple get together, break up, find other partners, only to then break up with them & end up back together.
Obviously a couple can't be happy all the time, but there doesn't constantly have to be a third person around for every couple on the show.
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