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Nov 3 2013, 01:31 AM
Nov 3 2013, 12:59 AM
Thursday ("Sami Explodes")
Sami loses it when she finds a suspicious text on EJ's phone.

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That GIF just about covers my entire reaction & level of interest for this spoiler.
Are TomSell really going to create all sorts of stupid shit so as to not have EJami be 24/7 happy but not have them constantly breaking up? I can't take many more "EJ & Sami have a disagreement" spoilers followed by a "EJ & Sami make up and have sex" spoiler the following day. At this rate, it's gonna reach Bo/Hope/Billie levels of repetitive by New Year's.
I like that Ejami has trust issues because that should be an obstacle when two selfish liars get together, but I have to agree about the repetitive way in which they write those issues (EJ doesn't tell her something, Sami gets pissed and then they have sex). Just write a longer term story about their trust issues if they want to give them angst. I'm sick of it being resolved (but not really resolved since the underlying issue exists) in a couple of days. Give then real angst or stop with the little shit - it has just gotten too repetitive.
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