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Nov 3 2013, 10:38 AM
I remember when they use to give away so much information in the spoilers, but now they barely give anything away
It's because there is nothing to give away. Most of the times we work out what is going to happen next before it does. I think they do give out enough spoilers. It does not seem like much, because most of the time their is not much happening. Everything gets dragged out, and characters motivations and actions make no sense until they are ready to have another big reveal. I haven't liked any of their stories, and in each of them, there is not much to tell. How many weeks and months we have had the flash back to the rape, either from Kristen or Eric, How many characters have they used just to tell us that Daniel and Jennifer belong together. We have lost count how many times they have broken up. EJ and Sami is the same story we have been getting for years, only this time they are having more sex, and he is not putting strangers in her bed to sleep with her now.

I am not even sure anymore if they are interested in writing Romance. We are not even getting adventure stories and everything is all negative. It's like there has to be constant arguing, hating, drug taking, deviousness, lying, shootings, and non of their stories have positive outcomes. Brady first story with Kristin, when it was over they just turned him even more stupid, his step mother's marriage broke up because of it, no positive ending to that. Now his second round with Kristin is now ending, and he is either going to be hitting the bottle or joining Theresa in drug taking.

I hate TomSell writing & I continue to be surprised the ratings are not worse.
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