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I wish the writers would take a weekend or two and take the time to hash out the backstories of the characters on the show. Who's related to whom, who's done what, who has a relationship (of any sort, not just romantic) with whom currently on the show, and who has an intriguing, dangling thread from their pasts that could be tugged to see what unravels. And then write for THOSE stories. Someone's long-forgotten secret comes out and shakes up everything. Characters start interacting with their friends they haven't interacted with in years and storylines suddenly form out of those. Someone's past comes back to haunt them/tantalize them/challenge them. (I think this may be why the Eric/Nicole story is working for so many folks—many of us remember their first story and it resonates for us now, especially where those characters have been in their lives in the interim - each one devolving away from each other instead of toward each other).

I have nothing against plot-intensive stories. I write plot-heavy romantic suspense books, so I'm all for a good, twisty, meaty plot. But if you don't have solid characters motivations driving those plots, you don't have a good story. You can have a brilliantly paced, plotted storyline but without the characters to breathe life and meaning into it, you just have some sort of strange, bloodless Goldberg device with no lasting power.

In a soap, especially, we're in it for the characters and how they relate to each other. Both romantically AND non-romantically.
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