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Nov 3 2013, 03:24 PM
Nov 3 2013, 03:08 PM
LOL u are forgiven Lysie cuz I love ya! But I will say Kola told me the Submarine or "Lake People" story was Stephen Wyman's idea so she just went for it. There was also a story regarding Kate being bisexual and blackmailed for it by an unlikely person. Idk her stuff just sounded fun to me lol. Since my post was deleted, I'll try to sum it up later. She was a very nice lady to chat with tho.
That's not what she said here. But apparently when you point out inconsistencies in her stories that makes you a racist.

Yes! I remember the bisexual stuff, too.
ROFLMAO cuz I get the "funny" in that!! Lol. Soooo funny. Thankfully she doesn't think I'm racist (which of course I'm not) but I did send her mad love tho lol. Yea I was always under the assumption she created the Swamp Land Story but apparently she now says it was Wyman. Regardless she's waaaaaay nicer now ( or at least that night) regarding the cast. She said nothing negative about them at all and I gave her bait to do so. So there's that. ;)
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