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Panda Panda
Nov 3 2013, 02:19 PM
Nov 3 2013, 02:11 PM
Panda Panda
Nov 3 2013, 02:00 PM
lol, I admit I got curious and looked at your twitter feed. The stuff about wanting to cut DHer from the show for budget reasons just seems so ridiculous now considering all that they're doing to accommodate AS both financially and time-wise. :/

And apparently because she held NBC in her pockets and that allowed her to say "No" to story ideas? Like that's kinda.... wow. I am not amused. :glare:
This is hardly surprising to me.
I don't think it is either. I believe that there were others before, during, and after DHer who had the same pull, but it's pretty stupid that TPTB tried to get rid of DHer for those specific reasons only to allow AS to start/continue that same behavior, for lack of a better word, that they apparently deemed inappropriate for DHer.

And I'm not posting this to start another AS/Sami Brady debate but given the subject and what we've seen and heard over the past 7-8 years about the going ons backstage at Days. It feels really hypocritical to me. They should have stopped the "Diva" behavior all across the board.
And in the 90s and the 00s, DH wasn't asking for time off to do everything else, she was asking for time with her children. Children she'd fought hard to have and wanted to spend time with. She asked for a solid vacation in the summer to be with her children during their time off from school, and then just asked if they could use her as efficiently as possible (they used to work longer hours, and she basically asked that if she came in early, could she be out within 12 hours instead of being there for 18). She had her time off in the 80s doing another TV show, with the show's blessing. They worked around her for 6 months and then they just let her go - she wanted to have babies and focus on that, and it just sort of happened weirdly.

Considering what she's done for the show in the 70s, 80s and 90s, I wouldn't say that's too much at all. In the 80s and 90s, she pretty much drove the show, she was their cheerleader and spokesperson, she pulled off weird-ass storylines, and she gave them ratings like gangbusters (her return took the show from the 9th spot to 1st and 2nd 18-49/general audience). She is to DAYS what Geary is to GH. What Braden is to Y&R. What has AS done for the show that even compares to that and validates them giving her whatever she wants? I get them wanting to groom someone new as DH's heir, but AS doesn't work, partly because of the character she plays. Sami should never drive storyline as the heroine. And heroines drive story, sorry, but they just do. Then you have sassy interlopers who try and frak up that heroine's life - that's Sami.

I just don't get what the executives see in her. I get that Carrie is no longer the automatic option, because they have just written her terribly for the past 15 years, but she could be IF they gave her a personality, and let her be more a mix of the women and the man who raised her. Let her be the mix of Marlena, Anna and John she should be. And let Sami be the opposite of it, like it was, but let it evolve with time. They're stuck in the same shit, but yet they write Sami as a "grey heroine" while never letting the characters grow. Belle and Carrie could both be the ones to take over, Sami cannot.

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