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Playlist Link: CLICK HERE

This is the playlist we're discussing if anyone wants to join in. Clip 165 and beyond.

I last watched the Christmas Eve episode, where Steve goes to the Cheatin' Heart after playing Santa to the children who were outside, in the middle of a December night, unsupervised, hanging out on what were possibly the Stairs of Death (is that supposed to be the same pier Tony died on?)

Anyway, Kayla had a couple of really good speeches. I enjoyed the scene where she told Caroline off and made it clear that she wanted Steve whether anyone else liked it or not. From what I've seen so far, the writers are doing a good job with creating setbacks that make sense. And I liked the way they had Steve and Kayla argue about Steve taking Max to the bar right after that scene, because it illustrate the point Steve had been making about their differing outlooks.

I also liked the push and pull of the entire scene in the park and the scene in the apartment where Kayla asks Steve to stay, but he won't spend the night with her, because he knows he'd never be able to leave.

Other random things -
I also looked at their first scene with Steve ransacking Kayla's apartment. That was Emma who hired him to do it, right? Why?

Did Kayla get her apartment from Bo?

These might be long shots, but does anyone know why Alex was endowing a chair in Marlena's memory (causing Emma to say the line below), or why Jennifer suddenly left the memorial after Abe's speech about Marlena being a risk taker?

I had to laugh at Kayla just telling Steve she was the best thing that ever happened to him. She was pretty sure of herself.

LOL at Steve's sad Charlie Brown tree and at Emma's line "If Marlena wasn't in so many pieces right now, she'd be rolling over in her grave."

ETA - IDK why the playlist isn't showing up.

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