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Nov 3 2013, 08:09 PM
Oh my god, that post from Dee ... some fans are so fucking creepy. I never want to be famous.

Re. returns, while my heart belongs to Jack, and I love Steve and Bo dearly as well, the return I think would realistically go the most well considering other logistics is Mike Horton. Exit Dr. Taniel, enter Dr. Mike, heir to the Horton legacy at University Hospital, (temporary) romantic interest for Kayla Brady.

Re. ambitions, I'm also disappointed that the Deveraux kids don't have bigger aspirations. Maybe it makes no sense to expect things from characters based on who their parents are, but part of the appeal of original recipe J&J was their savviness and sophistication. They were worldly and educated, and Abby's and JJ's storylines seem so very ... suburban, for lack of a better word. Just ... middling. Don't take this the wrong way, I'm suburban and middling. But it's not what I expected from the Deverauxs.

But then again I was thinking about it the other day and how quite honestly it would be weird for kids in the millenium generation to realistically expect to go big places with just a dream to steer them. The economy fucking sucks, and kids growing up in this climate are going to be different than kids who grew up in Reagan's 80's.

Still, I wouldn't mind if they at least had some convictions about the world around them, if they just felt tapped in to the so many aspects of life that don't have to do with high school and dating life and ... mom's high school dating life ...
You know what I wish for the Deveraux kids, especially JJ? I wish their time in London was incorporated into who they are now. Realistically JJ spent enough time there to have an accent, so it would be fun if every once in awhile he joked around in a British accent. And he could have conversations with Will about, say an American sport like football or baseball and have JJ be ignorant about it as he is more of a soccer fan.
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