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Nov 3 2013, 08:09 PM
Re. ambitions, I'm also disappointed that the Deveraux kids don't have bigger aspirations. Maybe it makes no sense to expect things from characters based on who their parents are, but part of the appeal of original recipe J&J was their savviness and sophistication. They were worldly and educated, and Abby's and JJ's storylines seem so very ... suburban, for lack of a better word. Just ... middling. Don't take this the wrong way, I'm suburban and middling. But it's not what I expected from the Deverauxs.

But then again I was thinking about it the other day and how quite honestly it would be weird for kids in the millenium generation to realistically expect to go big places with just a dream to steer them. The economy fucking sucks, and kids growing up in this climate are going to be different than kids who grew up in Reagan's 80's.

Still, I wouldn't mind if they at least had some convictions about the world around them, if they just felt tapped in to the so many aspects of life that don't have to do with high school and dating life and ... mom's high school dating life ...
I totally get what you're saying about Abby and JJ. It's how I feel about Jeannie Theresa. Kim and Shane were both highly educated and worldly. I always consider Jack and Shane the most highly educated characters in Days history. Shane attended Eton and then graduated from Cambridge with honors. He spoke multiple languages and had traveled the world for the ISA. Kim had a post-graduate degree and it was established that during her high-price call girl days, she hung with the top echelon of European society. Their romantic evenings involved reciting Shakespeare and poetry, and talking about places they had been.

They also were among the wealthiest Salemites. Shane was worth a fortune when he "died" in 1989. He had two estates -- the one in Salem that is now the DiMansion and Donovan Manor in England. He also was shown to be active in stock trading, so probably increased his wealth significantly during the stock market boom of the 90s. Meanwhile, when Kim left Salem, she was engaged to a Hollywood producer whose films had made millions.

So whenever I've pictured Jeannie and Andrew over the years, I've figured they were sent to the most elite schools and given every possible advantage in life. I can't imagine that education would have been anything less than priority one for the Donovan kids, and they were probably pushed toward Oxbridge or Ivy League schools from the time they were young teens. As kids, if they weren't living at Donovan Manor (like they were when Kim was last regularly on the show in 1992), they would have at least spent summers there and in Europe (Shane once joked about taking Andrew mountain-climbing in the Alps), and they would have been exposed to music and art. Their friends would have been from the same elite circles -- the kids of Hollywood elite or well-connected European money. They would have had the best clothes, new cars, trust funds, you name it.

That actually could have been a lot of pressure on a kid, and might help explain why Jeannie Theresa turned to drugs. (If Andrew was the golden child who excelled, it would even add to Jeannie T's sense of being a failure.) But even then, I would expect Jeannie Theresa to show up in designer clothes and with an air of sophistication. And to the extent she is hurting for money, I would expect an explanation that she had been cut off by her parents or had blown through her trust fund.

What I just don't get is how Jeannie became this totally aimless character who seems so middling, and seems to have no desires in life beyond her next score and harassing Jennifer Horton.
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