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Wow, that's a lot to respond to, but here goes.

I love the scenes the day/morning after Marlena death because they touch on so many themes. First, the fact the Kayla never really cares what anybody thinks about Steve, but her. She doesn't really defend him too much to others but also doesn't care what they think. It's like she knows they have reason to feel how they feel, but it doesn't affect what she thinks. Second, the conflict over Max is good for highlighting the differences between how Steve sees things and how Kayla sees things. Namely that Steve sees their differences as a big gulf and Kayla sees them as things that can always be dealt with. Third, it shows that while Steve can't quite stay away, every thing disagreement threatens to send him running for the hills. Because he doesn't really believe they can work and it's only Kayla's persistence and his inner desire to believe that keeps him there now. But it's always a fragile thing and it means Kayla has to believe enough for both of most of the time.

The scene with the pool cue is a great one. And I live that the big tough guy is the one putting on the brakes. He's the inner romantic who can't pretend this a casual thing and I love the contrast with the good girl who wants to have sex and isn't begging for a commitment. Not that it would be casual, but it's also very straightforward lust.

On to random things.

Emma hired Steve to scare Kayla out if Cleveland because she worked for the doctor that Emma was going to sell baby Andrew too. So she needed Kayla out of the way to carry out her kidnapping plan. But Steve didn't know that. He just knew that Kayla was Bo's sister and he was mad at Bo so he figured this was a way to get back at him a little.

Kayla did inherit the loft from Bo who had moved into Victor's house. After Steve and Kayla it went to Jennifer, then Isabella, then John.

Don't know the one about Alex and Emma.

I always thought Kayla's line was a little OOC, but I loved it. I mean she was really frustrated and she was also pretty much right. :)

Phew, that's a lot to do on my phone. Please forgive the typos.
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