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I would happily welcome AMC back if it does return. But if it doesn't, I have to say that airing 43 episodes without resolving anything, and leaving storylines hanging, is a terrible way for AMC (or OLTL, for that matter) to go off. AMC, in particular, had wrapped up its stories on ABC, except for the gunshot, and alot of people were ok with not knowing what had happened. Some people guessed JR had shot himself or the wall, and those who had wondered back when the episode aired in 2011 had stopped wondering by 2013. That's just how things go as life goes on and new things become more interesting or important. IMO, if this is how it all ends, we didn't need the '13 episodes, and I'd rather AMC hadn't come back at all. But if AMC does return, I hope they learn a huge lesson and don't start stories they can't finish. That's just not fair to the audience.
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