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Nov 4 2013, 02:38 PM
Liz needs to stop making Nickolas and Britt's relationship her business. She's turned into an annoying twit.

Nov 4 2013, 03:02 PM
Luke and Tracy, GAG me. Sorry, I just don't see the sparks there. :x

I just want to punch Elizabeth. Where does she get off being so sanctimonious to Britt? She's done some pretty low down nasty things herself. Heck, a year ago she let Sam think her baby was still dead so she could try to make a play for Jason again. Wish that hypocritical bitch would shut up and back off of Nikolas.

In regards to Tracy, she has been so busy running around saving Luke, that i guess ELQ(the company she won against AJ) is running itself. :shrug:
My endless Posted Image award goes to Liz. Nik poured his heart to her but all she could say was No and something about Lucky. He accepted her relationship with AJ and moved on with his life. Now that AJ is sitting in jail, Liz expects Nik to sit at home pining for her.
Liz trying to take down Britt looked like a hummingbird trying to outfly an eagle. It just showed how pathetic Liz looked again when a ex is trying to move on. IMO, Niz will always be :puke: times a million.
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