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Nov 4 2013, 09:11 PM
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Nov 4 2013, 07:55 PM
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Nov 4 2013, 07:12 PM
Kristian Alfonso ‏@KJAlfonso
Happy at @DaysofourLives [email protected] ;)) pic.twitter.com/EVsTMFMEYT

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They look stunning, and I'm in love with DH's coat. I've been looking for one like that, that doesn't cost a fortune. The weird thing is how big DH looks compared to KA. Deidre is not that tall (and she's really thin and fit), but she looks super-tall in comparison.
Deidre's taller than Kristian, for one. also, it could be the camera angle. it also looks like Kristian might be leaning in, which could also be making her shorter.
The thing that really, actually sticks with me looking at that, is: "How are these two NOT the leading ladies of this show?" How are they barely even on, have like no story, they're propping up everybody else... and they could outact the people on the top 10 list without even trying. How is Corday, Sony, NBC, TIIC not seeing what is so clearly right in front of them. That's the real question. The answer to the other one is just that Kristian is tinier ;)

I also really need for someone to just post a group photo with Drake in it and get it over with.
technically, at this point, Kristian does have a story. but i do agree that we should be seeing them a lot more than we are. they should, at the very least, be involved in their own B stories and make appearances in the A stories when it would make sense.
Kristian is tiny. Healthy, but tiny.
Maybe they're not allowed to post pics with Drake?! we didn't see a pic of Guy Wilson until Purple Day. And we haven't seen any pics of Mark Collier (wonder if we will now that his being part of the cast has been revealed, or maybe we won't until he starts airing in December).
That's what I'm thinking. We already know that Deidre's been dictated what she can and cannot post before, and NBC might want to keep it a little under wraps (although... then why announce it at all?). Who knows, I'm just looking forward to having a freaking supercouple back onscreen, even though my expectations, at this point, are... non-existant.

Truthfully though, there are some people who just should always have some sort of a story (that doesn't automatically mean being on 5 days a week, 20 mins an episode), big or small, and DH/KA are two of those people. They're loyal, popular and they're capable. Marlena should not be propping up her sons, who treat her like shit, and on once a week while Kristen struts over town, owning the place. Marlena should be making it difficult for Kristen to even walk out of her house without her crimes being exposed. And when I see Hope (and Kayla) standing there, in the shadows of freaking Jennifer Rose's carcass, whose soul has long since gone, while she debates whether or not Daniel likes her or not... I just want to smack someone. Yes, heirs to take over have to be found and nurtured, but if you still HAVE your originals, then you freaking use them! I just feel smad about it.

Marlena, also, technically has a story... she's just not really an actual part of it.
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