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Some gals have all the luck!

The Room Stops
Nov 4 2013, 07:12 PM
Kristian Alfonso ‏@KJAlfonso
Happy at @DaysofourLives with@DeidreHall ;)) pic.twitter.com/EVsTMFMEYT

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They look stunning, and I'm in love with DH's coat. I've been looking for one like that, that doesn't cost a fortune. The weird thing is how big DH looks compared to KA. Deidre is not that tall (and she's really thin and fit), but she looks super-tall in comparison.
Aaawww!! :wub2: Two out of my top 5 fave DAYS actresses! :cloud9: They both look absolutely stunning! :blowkiss:

Is KA's blonde highlights signifying that her hair is turning gray or something? Not that I'm complaining. Just wondering.

I, too, often wonder why 2 gorgeous powerhouses like KA and DH are not driving SLs or at the very core center of one. With 95% of the SL/plot being solely focused on them and noone else. Oh but wait, I forgot, just because they are fan favorites doesn't mean they're TIIC's darlings. :frustration: My bad. :eyeroll:
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