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Nov 5 2013, 01:15 PM
Nov 5 2013, 12:48 PM
I wish Britt was the mom too. I have always wanted a pregnancy storyline with Lante, but I have accepted that is never going to happen. Amazing isn't the word I would use. Britt was Lulu's doctor, and she stole an embryo that lead to a baby, which Dante and Lulu never consented to or even knows about. I'm pretty sure the state of New york where Port Charles is setting is called taking an embryo the something where as if Britt would have kidnapped a child. So the writers on gh can gloss it over as some saint thing Britt did but seeing as she hasn't told nor does she look like she's ever going to tell Lante it's their baby that would be a bunch of bull.

The actress who plays Britt already confirmed it. Also, Connie situation is so different from Ben's.

Hopefully the writers would change the storyline. I find it a little hard because all Britt needed was a sperm donor to create her own child.
If they throw Brik under the bus for Niz, i will be done watching GH.
Sadly, I don't see Ron changing it at all. The reason why Britt is even with Nikolas in my opinion is so when the secret comes out that Elizabeth turns out to be right about her all along, and that it's going to ruin one of Nik's relationships again and once again it's all about a baby secret. Britt gets thrown under the bus for Niz the same way Lulu was thrown under the bus for Spixie.
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