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Nov 3 2013, 08:58 PM
Nov 3 2013, 04:58 PM
Remind me why Victor hates Dylan so much, was it just because he showed up at Avery's on her and Nick's wedding day??? Uh huh, shouldn't Avery be held somewhat responsible :shrug: :shrug:
Victor walked into the coffee shop one day when Nicki was having one of her waterworks episodes and was whining to Dylan and Victurd assumed wrongly that it was something Dylan was saying to her to get her all stirred up. Victurd always thinks it's the other person and his precious family are above reproach. Dylan, was just listening to her. Why, I don't know. Most men would say I don't give a shit about your problems I got my own and left her there he was being his regular boy scout and Victor flew off the handle. Plus, too, I think, he knows Dylan threw a monkey wrench into Nick's happy time too.
I think those are still lame reasons for someone to "hate" someone else. The writers just had to do this to make the "secret son s/l" more dramatic. Wonder if Victor will set up a trust for little Dylan? :teehee:
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