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Oct 21 2013, 03:03 PM
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I found her quite interesting. I enjoyed her more than I have in, oh, about six years.
I think she's been just there....like I said, I liked the Nicole/Marlena and Victor/Marlena exchanges...but this isn't a story for her...it's been a few scenes....and it'll be a few more scenes at the reveal.....I want Marlena to have a story...I want vets to have a story..it's possible, it happens with other shows and it can happen with Days.

ETA: You know what I would have loved to see....and I think this show fails in the planning ahead thing. If they decided to rest the character because they were fed up with Drake, then they should have done it and worked at a story for Marlena while he was gone...buid it in a believable way so that fans actually have something to look forward to in the future. For example, they could have really utilized bringing back Bill Horton around the time that they wrote John out.....that way he was here for JJ and Jen....have him and Marlena get close and then have Kate shifted out of the story with Rafe/Jordan into the one with Marlena and Bill.....play that out a bit as a triangle and bring John back to fight for Marlena and to prove to her how wrong he was.....give it some depth, some thought....but unfortunately this show refuses to write for the other 50 crowd and that is a failure on this show....it could have been a really good story, with a powerhouse worth of acting....but nope, they can't do that....
I don't like the bill Horton option, but I wouldn't have minded Marlena dating someone new and the have John come back having to fight for her.
They never give John any real competition. And no one believes Roman could ever be a threat, so John becomes the default person, because the alternative is too awful to think about.

If this show was smart, they'd give fans another alternative than John to root for.
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