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Nov 5 2013, 06:09 PM
Nov 5 2013, 05:39 PM
Nov 5 2013, 05:09 PM
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Every time I hear that its rewritten history, I balk. Kristen was not just a placeholder for Marlena. No more than any other woman who wasn't Marlena ever was. Kristen was no Isabella in the grand scheme of John Black love affairs, but I don't think you can argue that he didn't love the woman. I think her deceit broke a lot of things for John, but I can believe that there were things left unresolved by the way things ended. Marlena and John shared scenes reflecting on that during the Killing Pool.

Do I believe that he would have dropped Kristen in a second if he knew about the letter when he was on death row - when Marlena wrote it? Maybe. I feel like a lot John and Marlena fans have this all or nothing vibe when it comes to the two of them, but both have had passionate love with other people. It just doesn't compare to what they have together.

Doesn't mean I don't want Marlena to kick his ass for playing her.
John wrote the letter to Marlena when he was on death row. He gave it to a guard to give to Marlena. The guard put it in Marlena's bag. When they got back to Salem, Kristen found it, read it, freaked out and hid it. Marlena found it in a book of Kristen's.

Yes, John did love Kristen at one time but his heart and soul always belonged to Marlena. He dreamed about her and pined for her the entire time he was with Kristen. Heck, even when he and Kristen had sex, he dreamed it was Marlena. And after all of Kristen's lies and deceit came out, he dropped her so fast. The hatred he had for Kristen after that was blatantly obvious. He wanted nothing to do with her ever again.

The writing for John now contradicts all that. He believed Kristen had changed and took her word over Marlena's, his wife, and to get Kristen out of Brady's life, he was going to sleep with her and then when he told Marlena why he did it; he said it was because deep down he still had feelings for Kristen. That was a big, fat lie and a total blow to J&M's relationship thus far. If John still had feelings for Kristen all this time, he would have said something, he wouldn't have chosen Marlena over her over and over again. He wouldn't have married Marlena over and over again. TomSell don't care about J&M's history because if they did, they wouldn't have written John the way they did and treat J&M's marriage like dirt on their shoes! :redface:

I'm not holding my breath that things will get better for J&M, I'm just glad that he's back. I am anxious to see him and Deidre in scenes together again. I don't trust TomSell as far as I can throw them. But at least it's a start. :ermmmm:
See, I didn't see it quite like that. Opinions are what they are, of course, but still. John and Marlena were clearly endgame. And John felt guilty for using Kristen. His love for her was separate from his love for Marlena. And the deeper Kristen dug in., the more John's feelings for Marlena came to the surface. No doubt about that. The instant hatred stemmed more from John's hurt and his deeply entrenched hate for all things DiMera, but the writing always made it clear to me that John pitied Kristen in the end. That was made very clear during the Killing Pool. I can believe he still felt something for Kristen under all that hate. I just can.

I absolutely loathed his plan, but I (and I understand I'm likely alone in this) understood that there may have still been something there for John. It absolutely didn't work in story, though. And it was a grave betrayal of character. With all the time he spent away from Salem last year, they could have easily set-up John digging things up on Kristen to then set her up when he returned. ISA style, not stupid seduction style. The show chose the Kristen is the victor route when the rooting power should have been with John and Marlena. That would have made John keeping everything from Marlena work. It would have kept Kristen unaware of his plan. That was a big part of my problem with Kristen this go-around - the show has become too much about the celebrated villain. We love villains not because they should be winning all the time, but because they make the heroes that much better.

I, too, am glad he's back. Hopefully he'll be given a chance to redeem himself.
Yes, he "pitied" her. So did Marlena. But he didn't have any romantic feelings for her. And he certainly didn't secretly desire her, either. So either he lied to Marlena for 15 years, by harboring feelings for someone else when he previously said he didn't, or he was just fucked up in the head, lying, and spouting nonsense for the past year.
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