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Nov 5 2013, 06:28 PM
Nov 5 2013, 06:24 PM
... or he was just fucked up in the head, lying, and spouting nonsense for the past year.
I mean, really, John hasn't been himself since before he left in 2009 and I've been waiting for them to go there, story-wise. He got his memory back, but he still feels like "Jawn" to me.
It's the only thing that makes sense. And the only way I'll want Marlena to take him back. Otherwise....no.

But I'm sure TomSell will just have John rescue Marlena from Stefano or have him be the key figure in rescuing Brady from drugs, and expect fans to say "Look! The real John is back!"

Nope. I have a thing with rewrites. I didn't fully like Brady until he took back the rewritten history that Marlena was a shitty mom to him, and I won't like John again until he has a conversation where he explains that what he said made no sense, because he never gave two fucks about Kristen over the last year, either. Both contradicted years of what I saw on screen.

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