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Connor Murphy
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Nov 5 2013, 06:41 PM
Wow, lots of Liz hate on this board. Liz has every right not to trust Britt after the things she did to Patrick and Sabrina. If nothing else, Liz and Nik will always be friends, and real friends have a tendency to look out for each other. If she wants to question Britt's motives, I don't see a problem with that since Britt's motives have always been questionable. As for her supporting AJ, after the unforgivable things he said to her, I thought it was pretty clear she cut him loose. She has absolutely no obligations where he is concerned anymore, she is free to be with anyone she chooses.
I see your point. Britt isn't known for the truth. People would be in the right to doubt her motives. It's just the way Liz comes off. The teenage mannerisms showing in her jealousy is not becoming. I must've missed the episode when she broke up with him. I was wondering why that storyline was dropped.
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