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Can they really be that bound if Kaye was able to bolt for B&B?

The OLTL cast in particular needs to be looking elsewhere for sure, it won't ever be back even if AMC somehow is. It's too bad either were resurrected in the first place. Both had either great (OLTL) or passible (AMC) endings on ABC, totally wrecked and left in the air by PP. For AMC I don't know if I were a fan (and admittedly I've never been one) if I'd have wanted the ABC ending undone, atleast not for this. There was symmetry in the show ending with the only original cast member being shot dead, like this show was Erica's story from start to finish. It's hard to find a legitimate story reason to explain why you're not following the characters anymore, people get married or move away all the time on these shows but that's been the standard ending for most shows. They accidentally (again thanks to PP) fell into the perfect ending.
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