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Nov 5 2013, 07:40 PM
I'm not sure Britt knows that Ben is lante's son.There's a possibility hat Brad was supposed to create an embryo with his sperm and Britt's eggs and he just pretended he did and gave her one of Lante's embryos instead.

Britt knows "Ben" Rocco belongs to Lulu and Dante or she would have starred at them when her mother talked about faking the DNA and Britt looked right at Dante and Lulu, It was proof to me that she knows and the fact that Ben was trying to tell Dante something tells me he knows too.

From what I have seen of LuLu over the years,she has a hot temper,having a baby is amazing,BUT having that embryo kidnapped and missing the birth of your child and having missed their first few months of life because of a lunatic IS FAR FROM AMAZING,I have no doubt it will be ok in the end,but at first I have no doubt that LuLu will wanna choke Britch with her own hands.Remember how angry LuLu was at Elizabeth for the whole Lucky/Nikohlas thing,image how she'll be about her biological child.

Lulu is going to be livid and not just because she lost time with her son or even because Britt did this horror thing to her. No. Lulu has lost a lot over the past 2 years; She lost what she thought was a pregnancy, Adoption she lost out on because she lied. Lulu had her eggs harvested and made into an embryos and then finds out Maxie lied nine months ago and her baby died and she wasn't even allowed to grieve, and now she's going to have the daughter she has loved since knowing about her ripped out of her arms and then she's going to find out Britt stole an embryo and had her baby and doesn't plan on ever telling her. I think Lulu is going to go insane once she is hit with this finale news. I can't wait to see the scene where Lulu chokes Britt, and I hope it happens.
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