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Nov 5 2013, 11:07 PM
For AMC I don't know if I were a fan (and admittedly I've never been one) if I'd have wanted the ABC ending undone, atleast not for this. There was symmetry in the show ending with the only original cast member being shot dead, like this show was Erica's story from start to finish.
I was a longtime AMC fan, and I didn't want the ending messed around with, and that's just what we got. It's all well and good to say that PP was innovative and took chances and made something happen, and isn't it wonderful? But you can't take an ending and mess around with it, start new stories that screw with what we saw in September 2011, and leave them hanging. You just can't. I can block out what I saw in 2013 and say that Tad didn't disappear on Dixie for months/years to do detective work, Kendall and Zach are together and happy, the Hubbards' daughter didn't get kidnapped and raped, Bianca and Marissa are living happily together somewhere, and David and Cara are raising their child together. I didn't need what we saw this year, and I especially didn't need it if things got messed with and left open. But I can pretend that PV 2013 didn't happen, and that may be what I'll have to do if AMC doesn't come back and wrap things up nice and tidy.
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