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Oct 31 2013, 03:04 PM
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Steffy went after Liam when Hope kicked him to the curb multiple times. Hope is just like her mother, it all about the chase, not the long term haul. Steffy left for Paris, so that she would not be pulled into the Lope drama, but just like clock work, Hope put Liam on hold until she figures out what to do. She nothing but a two faced hypocrite, period. She has being telling herself and her family members that her and Liam belong together, not that she got her man, she putting on hold so that she can work on HFTF. That what caused their problems when they first started to date. Hope is Brooke 2.0. in the making.
Are we watching the same show? Steffy went after Liam before he and Hope were having problems. Liam is spineless and cant say no to ANYTHING or ANYONE! :yuk: and calling Hope the new Brooke? Really? She has slept with ONE guy. Take a look at Steffy before calling Hope names.

Steffy has slept with two men, Rick and Liam. Yet everyone calls her a slut, GMAFB.
In regards to Hope, how many times as she kicked Liam to curb, calm down, and taken back when she ready for him. I stopped counting after three times. Hope is like her mother, she loves to be the center of attention.
Now that she had gotten Liam, she still doesn't if they can get married despite telling herself and her family members that they are destined to be together. Now that she has won against Steffy, Hope is bored with Liam.
Steffy TRIED to sleep with Oliver while he was with Hope......Owen while he was with Jackie.....and Bill while he was married to Katie. She either did a striptease, layed down with them in bed or went to their offices with only bra and panties under her coat. The only reason Steffy slept with two people was certainly not her choice.
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