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Nov 6 2013, 11:04 AM
Why do I got a feeling that this Eric drama won't be over until months after Kristen leaves....I think that Brady will believe that they actually slept together, not that she drugged and raped Eric. The church will suspend Eric pending the investigation to his accusation against Kristen that she drugged and raped him. But since Kristen will quickly leave town (or die) there won't be a way to prove what he's saying unless Dr. Chicka, or the chick that edited the video for Kristen come out and admit their roles in this. I think Nicole in her reporter duties will actually take it upon herself to clear Eric's name, while she continues to shut him out of her life and keep her distance from him.
Ejjjj knows the whole story and Kristen is not around to stop him from talking, so if he does care for Sami is he going to let her brother go on suffering?? Yeah, I thought so too! :cheers:

I don't have any sad feelings for Eric. I hate that it happened, but hey, let him see what it's like to be accused of something he didn't do! Nicole can show him how to take it like a man! :popcorn:

Jen is probably sorry that she didn't tell Brady that Kristen slept with someone while they were broke up. :shrug:
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