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Shane and Kimberly pay a surprise visit to Theresa.

SHANE! "grabs head, & faints"


Gaby seeks some urgent and important legal advice from Justin.
Sonny receives some extremely upsetting news.

I wonder if this about the same thing, or if something has happened to his business partner

A completely devastated Eric is suspended.

This is my favorite spoiler, I bet his two best friends, really they are, lend him his much needed support? Something tells me that Nicole will move heaven and earth, manipulate & blackmail to get the innocent father his post back. Which of course is illogical since she's deeply in love with him, but it makes sense since she wants for him what he wants. I think he will then feel :shrug: and his heart will fall for her.

An extremely guilt ridden Jennifer opens up and makes a startling and heartfelt confession to Eric.

:shrug: I don't get this

its no big deal if Kristen slept with another guy, Brady was banging Nicole, what is the big deal is she didn't have consentiual sex with someone who hadn't taken holy vows not to. So how does Jennifer fit into this unless it's her need to make everything me, me, me, me, me me
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