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Nov 6 2013, 03:34 PM
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Looks like Gabi wants to be able to take baby Ari with her. That's probably what gets to Sami and Kate to align. Meddling mothers for the win.
Finally Kate can actually put her meddling skills to good use instead of obsessing over Jordan. Maybe between Sami and Kate, they'll figure out what Gabi did to Melanie, about Andrew and the town explosion.
I still don't think what happened in Gabi's past affects her ability to raise her daughter. She's been nothing but a loving and caring mother and for anyone to try and take her daughter from her would be playing dirty. Sonny is not the child!s father so basically he has no rights. Again, this should be left between Gabi and Will and the meddlesome grandmas and everybody else should stay out of it.

No, but it could send her ass to jail.

ETA: It wouldn't be a soap opera if there weren't any meddlesome family members. And as long as Gabi lets herself be influenced by the whack job that is Nick Fallon, then a normal, reasonable conversation between Gabi and Will could NEVER happen. Nick still wants his picture perfect "family" and Will out of the picture.
Actually, most of Salem could have their asses thrown in jail if it came down to it . I still don't see Gabi as an unfit mother or that Sonny is more deserving of her child than she is. She is unknowingly getting her strings pulled by Nick Fallon, but she is not letting him dictate to her. Calling about a modeling job is not something out of the ordinary that would make anyone question her role as a mother. Baby Ari needs to be with her Mama and I hope they don't try to tear her away from her by using her past because that would be very unlike Will or even Sonny to do. Now Kate and Sami , I wouldn't put anything past them.
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