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I think it's pretty sad when ATL becomes the realest of the franchise. I can genuinely see that these women love one another, or hate one another. There is real emotions there. Wasn't always like that, but it's become that way last season, and continues into this season. Adding Kenya and Porsha have definitely been an upgrade for ATL.

Loved watching NeNe vs. Kenya, and I'm really looking forward to seeing them go at it this season. Especially once Marlo is brought into the mix. Seems like Marlo and NeNe are on the outs, and Marlo has gotten very closer to Kenya in order to get back at NeNe.

Love love love NeNe and Porsha's big sister/little sister relationship. I know in the preview for the season it looks like they kind of go at it with NeNe accusing Porsha of not being a good friend for not keeping in contact, but I hope that's just as mall hiccup that's resolved quickly. I adore their friendship.

Cynthia bored me to tears Seasons 3 and 4. She became a favorite of mine in Season 5, and I'm kind of on the fence about how I'm going to feel about her this season. Her storyline in the previews seems a little too similar to Seasons 3 and 4 when I couldn't stand Cynthia. I used to think Cynthia wasn't needed, but these Housewives shows need that "glue" that can get along with all of the women that brings everyone together, so it's not so "Team A" and "Team B" all the time.

I'm actually looking forward to Kandi's storyline this season. Love Kandi. Her storylines usually bore me to tears, but it doesn't change how I feel about her. This is the first season since probably Season 2 that I'm looking forward to Kandi's season. Not that I believe Todd is cheating on Kandi for a second, but I am intrigued by Kandi's friend Carmen. Who is she? She looks very familiar. And I CANNOT WAIT to find out what has Kandi going ham in the previews for the rest of the season.

I liked Porsha last season, and I think I'm going to like seeing her even more without Kordell this season.

As for Phaedra, Ms. Parks might be on her way out of ATL. Seems like she's doing what housewives do when they are trying to cling for a storyline. Have a baby. Or move into a bigger house that needs renovated. Been there, done that. In many other cities. And then there is the tension that seems to be rising in Phaedra and Apollo's marriage. I just don't have a good feeling watching them interacting in this season premiere. I wouldn't be surprised if Phaedra and Apollo are the next couple to suffer the Housewives divorce curse.

Moving onto BH, I hope the season premiere is the only episode that's mashed with Vanderpump Rules. I thought it was pretty cool how they did it last year with VR's premiere, but I didn't really like it this time. Please keep the shows separate.

Looks like Lisa is for sure getting the "bad edit" this season. About damn time! I firmly believe that many of Brandi and Yolanda's fans became their fans out of default for being Lisa's fans. So I'm very very very intrigued to find out what happens once Brandi and Yolanda start bumping heads with Lisa. Also, I found it quite interesting that now that Lisa is on the outs with the majority of the cast she's willing to associate with Adrienne again. :eyeroll:

I've been a Kyle fan since BH began. I don't think that'll change this season. When it comes to what Yolanda said in Paris, I don't blame Kyle for not letting it go. Who cares that Lisa doesn't care about it? Yolanda tried to make Kyle look like a liar when she called her out on what she said about Lisa in Paris. Yolanda totally said all of that about Lisa, and she knows she did. Some of it was even said on screen last year between Yolanda, Kim and Kyle.

Kim, Kim, Kim. What can one say about Kim? She's definitely the comedic relief. And I love it.

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for Brandi and Lisa's friendship to self-destruct. Edge. Of. My. Seat.

I don't give a damn about Yolanda or her daughter's modeling.

Carlton and Joyce. Didn't really get a lot from them in this episode. Carlton looks scary as hell. Yikes! And Joyce is absolutely beautiful.

I'm glad MIA is over. Like I said before, the season was AMAZING to look at. The storylines just weren't there though. I think the double weddings had something to do with it, as Drew said before. I think that hurt it. It's just a shame because, like I said, I loved MIA Season 2 and thought it definitely proved itself from Season 1, but Season 3 just wasn't good. At least the reunion looks good. Honestly, the only ladies I want to see return for Season 4 are Lisa, Joanna and Lea. Get rid of Adriana and Alexia. Bring in two or three new women. Maybe one that already has an established friendship with Lisa, and then one fresh lady with no connections to any of the other ladies.
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