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Not surprised, but I am disappointed. I guess AMC could be revived one day since Prospect Park has the rights to it for a few more years. They've done that before when we all thought OLTL and AMC were done. But right now and for the foreseeable future, both shows are done.

I'll never understand if all the interviews the PP guys gave were true at the time or if they were just blowing smoke all the way--all the stuff about how great things were going and how they foresee long futures for both shows, etc. I'd like to know what their deal is. Ultimately, it may not matter, but as someone who listened to and read all the interviews, I'd like to know what the story is here.

As for AMC's ending, I've posted elsewhere that I have no problem pretending that these last 43 episodes didn't happen. Billy Clyde Tuggle is still dead, Adam and Brooke got married, and Dimitri is off being a successful businessman in Europe and not hitting on Brooke. But at this point, I so wish PP had left things alone.
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