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ATL- Kenya came on too strong with last year's nonsense for me to be behind her or entertained by the Kenya vs. Nene thing. I'm liking Porsha for the first time, love her outing her ex. The rest- whatever. Cynthia needs to control her money.

Random predicton- I think Kandi's mom is pissed because of the scene last season when Todd wasn't thrilled with the idea of her immediately moving into Kandi's property. I think it's a battle for access to what Kandi has to offer, basically, and Kandi's mom doesn't want to lose out.

BH- Hmm. I'm also interested in watching Brandi and Lisa dissolve because that never seemed fully real to me, there was always an edge in their "joking," imho. The two new women...I'm sorry, but if you name your kids "Mysteri" and "Cross" you can't get annoyed when people have a visible reaction to those names.

And trying to trick me into watching Vanderpump Rules was not cool. I hate those kids, since that "singer" moaned into a microphone as part of her quest for fame. That show...it's too trashy for me. I have low standards, too.
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