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Nov 5 2013, 10:17 PM
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lol...but this chick is stranger than strange though...according to Kate's PI...Jordan Ridgeway didn't exist till she came to Salem as a PT...hmmmm....code for....I'm making believe I'm someone I'm not....
Oh, agreed. But Kate only knows that because she's investigating her and I don't think Jordan really did anything to warrant doing that.

I guess Jordan's professionalism would seem out of place in a hospital where two people have public break ups in the hallway every other week.

I guess we're suppose to buy her investigating Jordan beca use she's ever so worried that Rafe is still in danger due to the whole Bernardi/Stefano thing... Even though that whole thing is completely wrapped up :rolleyes:
Just because Sami intervened to thwart Stefano's original scheme,does not mean that Stefano has in fact completely abandoned the thought of revenge against Rafe. It is reasonable for Kate as she is written to check on what she perceived as suspicious behavior in her interactions with Jordan.Based on the fact that there is no record of Jordan's existence prior to three years or whatever is definitely suspicious.She may be formally part of the witness protection plan,someone of their own accord changing their identity to avoid some prior problem in their life,personal or professional,an undercover law enforcement agent,or a plant by Stefano or some other criminal entity although the latter is unlikely given that Kate compiled the list of candidates for Rafe's therapist.
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