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I was flabbergasted to see that Fiona and Queenie set Myrtle up. Such a good twist! Although now I'm wondering who is in the black cloak. I think that by the end of the season there is going to be some kind of battle between the witches. Like a war between covens. I wouldn't be surprised if Marie set up a coven of her own made up of all the witches that Fiona did wrong. That could easily include Myrtle, Madison, Delphine... and who knows who else.

I think they're definitely setting Zoe up to be next in line for the title of Supreme. Even Marie herself said that Fiona's coven now had "real" power after Zoe undid her spell.

Jessica Lange continues to steal the show. I look for her to get another Emmy nom next year. Fiona is so deliciously bad. Although when she told off Hank, I was practically cheering. HATE that guy!
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