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I started watching regularly with the first Later, I think, but I've seen good handfuls of episodes from 05 / 06 / 07, like Grace's death, the Becca / Justin affair, the amazing climax to the Sam/Andy date rape story where I fell in love with Nicole Owen and am always hoping she'll return, hannah's anorexia, etc.

At least we agree on Darren / Cindy. I'm super surprised Kirkwood has kept them so separated from each other. I hate that Cindy / Holly aren't more involved with Tom and his living with the Osbornes. We all know they are each other's true loves. The small taste Smithwick gave us of them only set off my yearning for them.

Honestly, I don't see Diane and Tony lasting too long anyway. If Stephanie Davis decides to leave sooner rather than later I can easily seem them deciding to kill Diane off.

The funny thing about Mandy / Tony is that when they first got together, since Mandy was always an age group younger than Tony (as was Cindy), Sarah Jayne Dunn thought the pairing was weird initially. Also, Kirkwood's biggest failure has always been his writing of Mandy. She was the most popular heroine in the show's history, because of the molestation by her father story, and he wrote her so crappily. Marquess didn't help things at all either.
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