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KA was front and center for a long time. Yes, she's been backburned the last few years, but she's also been on the show forever. ED was only on 1993-1998 before. I'm sure if ED had been on the whole time from 1998-now, she would have been backburned, or Kristen would have been killed off like Tony.
Wow. So KA (and Hope fans) is being punished for having been on Days longer than ED? No offense but, that reasoning is a bit unfair don't you think? Perhaps I miss interpreted it. Somehow I doubt that ED would've ever been tossed to the sidelines had she been with show as long as KA.

Should it really matter that KA has been with the show since the 80's? She can go to toe with the best of 'em. And yet, she is not being utilized to her full potential.

ED, MR and AZ (and to some extent, LK as well) get opportunity after opportunity on a silver platter to shine. I just hope that KA's upcoming SL will finally live up to the hype.
My point wasn't that she was being punished but that they have told a lot more story and esp with Peter gone and their refusal to write him out she has less possibilities than Kristen did this past year. Not zero or close, just less.

I really am a big KA and Hope fan. Her Gina storyline is what hooked me to Days.
They've told a lot more story? When was this? I must have blinked and missed it. Other than phone calls between Hope and MIA Bo, and Ciara acting out in his absence. There's hardly been diddly squat.

Hopefully, KA's upcoming SL will, once and for all, resolve Bo's off screen status. Thus, freeing up Hope for more possibilities (and men).
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