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Nov 8 2013, 11:37 AM
Maybe if they do have it in mind to bring Stefan back, they'll build it up a little more, because right now Luke and Laura have no story to bring him into. I thought his story with them was pretty played out and would need to be redeveloped to work.
I don't know what she's like to work with. I do wonder sometimes, but a lot of actors who've worked with her have good things to say about her, at least on a professional level. I think if she's been difficult at GH, it's in part because she has a very mixed history with people behind the scenes there. They didn't look out for Genie when she was young...she's been pretty frank about that. But she does have long-time friends, right? So...maybe it's a mixed bag. Good days and bad.

Like everyone else, probably.
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