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Does that include this week? I was really underwhelmed by GH's big reveal after watching Days' reveal.
I usually praise GH over Dool big time but this week I think Dool's wedding destroyed that Franco mess GH had going on.
I actually enjoyed GH more. There was more happening, and it was not as predictable. I wasn't sure half the time what was going to happen next, even though I do read their spoilers. Not so with Days. I don't think anything came as a surprise, although most of the main players did a good job, but it was not edge of your seat viewing for me. Neither was GH but I was more entertained by GH.

I am relieved that the reveal has finally taken place, but I was underwhelmed by it. Although I found parts amusing. I was also cringing at the way they kept watching the video in the church and all these people staring up at it and doing nothing to stop it from playing out. I guess I just hated this story and, I hate that to get to this stage, they had to turn Brady into a moron, and have Eric be so cruel to Nicole.
I think the biggest yardstick for me is that I can watch an entire episode of GH and legitimately feel entertained by at least 95 percent of it (even when it's the days when my faves aren't on), but to enjoy DAYS, I have to watch clips and skip over the parts that are snore-inducing or make me rage-y.

Friday's episode was pretty amazing if you just watch the wedding and Nicole (although fair warning, that part does involve Daniel).
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