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Youíve had some big stuff lately with Theresa.
I know! You know we shoot them in such little pieces that until you see it...

Is that dynamic with her going to continue?
Yeah. Weíre sort of...Iím her foil, and we have the most fun together, me and Jen Lilley. I think it translates. And I need a cohort. I need someone else hating on Jennifer with me or pretending sheís hating on Jennifer...something. Itís not going to get any sweeter. It gets meaner.

Can you tell us about anything else you might have coming up?
Letís see. I have to tell you also, Iím trying to think of what weíre up to.

Theresa ODíd, and now sheís awake, and Anne is mad.
She ODíd! Iím about to go on a really crazy witch hunt. I want Dr. Dan to hang. Iím convinced that he is behind this overdose. And in ruining his life, Iím ruining Jenniferís life, and thatís my goal in life to destroy Jenniferís Hortonís spirit. So IĒll just keep doing that.

Recently, youíve gotten to work with a few different people. Youíve had scenes with Greg Vaughan and Deidre Hall.
I know! I got all up in Deidre Hallís face. Anne was like step off, lady. I couldnít believe it. That was the most fun when I read that I had a scene with Deidre Hall. Because sheís Deidre Hall. Sheís an iconic soap star. I made a decision. Iím going to step up, and Iím going to get right in her face. I think I made her a little nervous.

Does Anne have anything else happening?
Yes, but I donít get to tell you. But hereís the thing that I really hope happens at some point. I donít have any sort of love interest. I think my passion is ruining Jennifer, but I have a fantasy that thereís going to be some sort of dream sequence where Anne is just taking on every hot guy in Salem. Like in some music video in her head. I donít read ahead. I make a real choice not to read ahead, so I have no idea what the next bunch of episodes have for me, but Iím hoping that I end up in some funky situation with Liam who you donít know yet. Thatís the only hint Iím going to give you.

We know his name, and that heís coming.
So thereís this character coming soon, and I have hopes that Anne and this guy are gonna hate Jennifer together, but I donít know because I donít read ahead. I like to be surprised the day before.

Do you have any insight on where Anneís hatred of all things Jennifer and Horton comes from?
I mean, sheís just a hateful woman. Itís weird, right? I think that she has been in Salem her whole life. And I think that something happened on the playground with Jennifer. Some bad stuff went down a long time ago that Jennifer doesnít remember, and Anne said sheíd never forget it. It was such a destroying moment for her. She was embarrassed in front of a group of kids. And she decided that Jenn was the culprit. But it probably wasnít. It was probably someone standing right in front of Jenn, but they moved and all I saw was her. And it ruined her. Somehow it shaped her self-esteem. I think sheís worked her whole life...I think she went to school to get a job that would land her at Salem University Hospital owned by the Hortons. Itís been her goal. A lot of comedy is coming up. It gets pretty funny. At some point I have a pratfall.

You're an elf at Christmas!
Yeah, they thought, Who would do anything? Meredith! So Iím in this crazy elf suit with these nutty elf shoes, pretending to want to entertain children. Iím the Jew in Salem celebrating Christmas. Iím the Salem Jewess. What a fun...it was supposed to be three little episodes, and itís turned into the most fun ever.
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