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Susan Seaforth Hayes

Weíve heard you have several episodes coming up!
I do!

Can you tell us anything about them?
Yes. Julie is kind of the only person whoís suspicious about a turn of events. And she goes around to all of the cast members and says, ďHave you noticed? Donít you think something is wrong? I think something is wrong.Ē And they say sheís nuts. Julie was always crazy. This was news to me, so I called the writersí office and asked, ďIs Julie crazy now?Ē Nobody called me back. So I went ahead and played it for whatever. And Iím still trying to get the answer to the crazy thing. But in this particular event, sheís not! Sheís the one person in Salem who smelled a rat, and itís a big rat. So itís a terrific storyline coming up. Trust me. January /February.

Are you a part of the whole story, or do you just come and go?
As far as I know, Iím still there. Weíre so far ahead. I was working a lot in spurts. Then thereís a different wedding. Iím not in that wedding. And then Iíll be back. So thatís good news.

You havenít had a lot to do on the show in the last few years.
In our spare time weíve written a novel. Itís available through billandsusanhayes.com. Itís called Trumpet. Itís a historical novel. We worked on it for seven years. Itís very funny, very sexy, very exciting. Weíre beginning to write the sequel.

Your mother wrote for Days.
My mother wrote for Y&R for nine years. She was the head writer of Days for a year. She also wrote for Generations, which was the show that one of our cast members was the star of. She wrote that for four years.

Would you ever consider doing that?
To write for soap opera? No. No, I prefer the novel medium. Itís really the same thing, but you donít have someone from the network telling you what to do. Youíre writing your own world. [The novel] was wonderful, wonderful fun. A lot of terrible work, though, as any writing is. Also a strange high, but a real one. The editor said, ďCongratulations. You handed in a manuscript. Most people never finish.Ē

You said it took seven years?
It took seven years. We traveled all over the world. The characters go all over the world, and we went all over the world. Every place we described, weíve been to. This year we went to Eastern Europe.

Doug and Julie really are on cruises all the time.
Well, for about seven years we worked for Crystal Cruises doing lectures. So we made about 19 trips on their cruise line to Greenland, Iceland, Buenos Aires, Fiji, the Mediterranean, the coast of Africa, South Africa...we got around!

There was a funny reference to their cruises in the doughnut episode.
That was a fun day. I love the ladies on the show. Judi Evans. Mary Beth who I thought was hysterical.

Is there anything they ask you to do that you donít like?
No, I like working. Whatever they throw at me.

I know that youíve seen a lot of people asking for more Doug and Julie. Do you think the show sees that, too?
I donít know. Weíre not on contract. Weíre recurring which means they donít have to use us. Thereís a huge contract list which means theyíre obliged to use those faces. And of course, the show wants to have new and exciting people on all the time. I think weíre not the dullest old people in the world. Weíll see.

What would you like to see them do?
Iíd like Doug and Julie to live in the Horton house. Thatís the natural place for us to be. Iíd like Doug and Julie to be in closer communication with Jennifer and Hope, which is natural. I have had some stuff with Suzanne Rogers. More of that. I donít think they need to be constantly coming into town later, or missing the plane, or starting the car.

Bill Hayes

Unfortunately, we had a bit of a technical difficulty during Bill Hayesí interview. His genuine love for the show was evident. I donít know if that would have come through in print anyway.

We did manage to preserve some of the audio at the very end. He also got rushed away to the next press outlet at the end, so he had to cut short his story. He was disappointed, and so were we.

Now we know Susan has a lot coming up. What about you?
Iíve been there for Christmas Day. Or Doug has. I get to play Santa Claus. Thatís the third time. I like that. I sing a little bit. I love the Christmas shows. All the traditional stuff with the Horton balls hanging on the tree. Itís been such a success, that people do it in their own homes now.

What will it take to get more of you?
I donít know. People like you requesting it. I believe theyíre listening to the people who send in their comments and requests.

You have a lot of Days memories.
There are a lot them.

Whatís one of your favorites.
Julie and Doug got married. Thatís a day that will live in my memory forever. Then they separated us, divorced us, and then they remarried. And that day will live almost as much in my memory. It was still a beautiful wedding, but the first one was so good.

What was it like being married in real life, but being separated on the show?
It was awful. It was terrible. Susanís mother was writing the show then. She was the head writer. So she plotted the whole thing. Julie was burned, and she had this horrible scar. It was awful. She figured nobody, even Doug, would stay with her. Anyway, that was a hard time.
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