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Nov 10 2013, 07:40 PM
Can you tell us anything about them?
Yes. Julie is kind of the only person who’s suspicious about a turn of events. And she goes around to all of the cast members and says, “Have you noticed? Don’t you think something is wrong? I think something is wrong.” And they say she’s nuts. Julie was always crazy. This was news to me, so I called the writers’ office and asked, “Is Julie crazy now?” Nobody called me back. So I went ahead and played it for whatever. And I’m still trying to get the answer to the crazy thing. But in this particular event, she’s not! She’s the one person in Salem who smelled a rat, and it’s a big rat. So it’s a terrific storyline coming up. Trust me. January /February.
LOL I love Susan! She's so funny!

I do wonder if the "rat" Julie will be smelling involves the murder? A lot of people think it will be Nick based on the promo where Gabi bashes his head with a rock. The November previews talk about a cover up, and we know Camila will be working with Chandler, Ali and James lots. And we also know that Kate and Sami would be on the same side for an upcoming story. Perhaps Will, Sami, Kate, and possibly EJ work to cover up Nick's murder for the sake of Arianna Grace? I could see Julie being suspicious since she is Nick's family, and had been one of the few people sticking by him when he was being released from prison.

Interesting! It certainly has me intrigued! I will be nonetheless very sad/disappointed if they do kill off Nick because I adore Blake Berris.
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