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Tell us whatís coming up for Gabi.
Thereís a lot of crazy stuff happening within this month. Thereís some pretty shocking events.

Weíve been hearing that youíre working a lot with Sami and Kate.
Theyíre going to play kind of a bargain relationship with Gabi where they just try to fix the situation.

Youíre leaving soon. Do you have any idea how youíre being written out?
No. Iím concerned about it because I donít even know whatís happening. Thereís nothing even written that weíre shooting next week that has anything to do with that, so I donít know.

You werenít at the end of your contract.
My contract was up in June. I extended because it was the dead middle of summer and there are no auditions then. I waited for pilot season, so I wouldnít have to take from my savings.

Tell us about working with the babies.
Itís amazing. Those babies are the best babies that have ever worked on any television show. They donít cry. They laugh. They look at you and talk to you. Theyíre amazing, and theyíre easy. Youíll see a substantial amount of the baby. Sometimes sheís in the stroller or in the other room, but if the baby is behaving they try to put her in. Theyíre beautiful. They were cotton candy for Halloween. I canít even deal with that.

Have you worked with anyone that youíre not used to?
Iím going to be working with EJ and Will and Sonny. I havenít really worked with EJ before. Iíve worked with Kate and Sami, but not in this kind of combination.

Are you working with them in a positive or negative way?
Canít say. Well, itís not positive or negative. Itís both.

Tell us about the new Will.
Really great. Heís a really nice person. Heís approached the role with a lot of respect and honor, and he came in really excited. Thatís nice to see because that makes us all excited again. Heís so happy and professional.
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