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We keep hearing that youíre leaving, but then there will be a tweet that youíre on set.
Whenís the last time you heard I was on set?

It was a few weeks ago I think. Note: It was Blake on October 1st
Really? What did you hear a couple of weeks ago?

You tweeted from the set.
No, I didnít.

Someone did.
I donít think so.

Ok - are you still there?
I canít answer that question. Thereís something very dramatic happening in the next month on the show. People will have to wait and see what Nickís prospects are. Whatís available to him? Itís a game changer.

Is this a long term story?
I guess. I donít know. It depends on how you measure things. Iíd say thereís a lot going on up until sweeps, and thereís a lot of aftermath Iím sure.

Have you gotten to work with anyone different over the last few months?
I was really stoked to be able to work with Ali and James more this time around on the show. There are people I always wanted to work with that I hadnít really be able to. Like, I always wanted to work with Eileen Davidson and I never really got to.

Nick and Kristen have a lot in common right now.
I know, right? I thought so, too. Sorry. My hands are tied a little bit. I can only talk about whatís airing. I think itís one of the coolest storylines in a long time. I think itís very shocking, and I think itís very dramatic. I donít think theyíll see whatís coming.

Nick is such a different character from when he debuted as the nerd in 2006.
I support the evolution of Nick. I look at those pictures, and Iím quite embarrassed. I love the way they resurrected the character this time around. I think they did such a great job bringing him back into the show and integrating him in a re-imagined way. I love the way the writers wrote it this time around. Heís such a weirdo. Heís got so many different colors. Heís kind of psychotic. Heís also loving. Heís also kind of an asshole. Heís also really convicted and has his own set of morals. I think heís a character that I havenít seen anywhere. Heís not really a typical daytime character or even TV character. Heís kind of a strange mix of things that Iíve come to really love.
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