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Viewing Single Post From: DR Day of Days Interview with Camila Banus
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Nov 10 2013, 08:19 PM
We’ve been hearing that you’re working a lot with Sami and Kate.
They’re going to play kind of a bargain relationship with Gabi where they just try to fix the situation.
I wonder if Sami and Kate learn that Gabi bludgeoned Nick, and Sami and Kate then use this info to blackmail Gabi into not moving to New York with Ari. Granted, based on what we know thus far, it seems like Gabi bludgeons Nick in self-defense, so Gabi shouldn't be charged with any crime.

However, this could be where Sonny enters the picture. Perhaps Sonny tells Sami and Kate about Gabi's role in the DAYSaster, and Kate and Sami use this extra info as leverage on Gabi. If the cops learn about "the Melanie thing," then the police (and a jury) would be less likely to believe that Gabi's attack on Nick was truly self-defense. In that case, Gabi could be sent to prison for killing Nick AND for "the Melanie thing." So, Kate and Sami would have more than enough info to force Gabi to stay in Salem. (Sami and Kate might even go a step farther and demand that Gabi give full custody of Ari to Will.)

And then EJ could be the one who hires Nick's lookalike in order to fool people into believing that Nick is still alive.
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