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This interview is a little different from the others for two reasons. For starters, it was right before the Q&A, so there were time constraints we had to deal with. We chose to ask James and Ali about Ejami rather than about the individual characters, since we were alternating questions with another outlet, and they asked about the characters.

The second reason it’s different is that I have actually been very confused about this exchange until I played it back today and realized I worded the question completely wrong and differently from what I had in my head. I’m not including my question because it is has an inaccurate rumor in it, but James and Alison were also thrown off because I said “break-up” when I should have said “fight.” Despite the confusion, they did still have some things to say about Ejami. So here is what they have to say about what’s happening this week with EJ and Sami.

James: I like to think they are strong enough to be able to work through this one. It’s going to provide a lot of drama for the next few weeks.

Alison: They wrote an interesting twist that I think they’ve been building to over their whole relationship this most recent time. Sami and EJ are aware of their faults, and they are trying to do it differently. I think this will be another instance where you see that maybe they make the same mistakes and have the same faults, but they are aware of them and trying not to make the same mistakes again. They’re trying.

James: Oh, absolutely. You can appreciate both of their positions.

Alison: It was a rock and a hard place. No doubt.
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