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Nov 8 2013, 08:53 PM
Nov 8 2013, 01:50 PM
OMG Victor's keeping the video. He put it in his pocket. Too much!
Victor took Brady's tribute video, not the Eric/Kristin video.
Yes, I saw the close up of the tribute video. That's what made me post. But that was back during the NBC broadcast, and there was too much good stuff still going on for me to explain. So here's why I thought that Victor scene was 'too much':

Here's a man who -- to protect his brainless Keereeakis grandson -- manages to get a sex video of a priest played, twice yet, in the priest's own church, full of his family, friends and parishioners. He watches with unholy glee as the grandson tries to punch the priest's head in at the altar. When the grandson runs out, he tells his horrified wife that it's time to trot on home.

BUT before he can feel that his work there is done, he has to be sure to pocket what he considers to be the truly vile video --his grandson's idiotic tribute to the psycho bitch bride. No way Gramps is going to let that trash get into some one else's hands. And...he might be able to use it for deprogramming purposes with the grandson.

I'm still LOL at that last move. Yeah, too much. Quintessential Fricking Victor.
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