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We know you have something big coming up that has to do with Gabi, but we donít know what it is yet.
Well, with Nick and Gabi, itís just been, like, a nightmare with them. Will and Sonny have just such a good relationship I think. Theyíre good people, and theyíre surrounded by crazy stuff with their family and friends. If they were just alone, theyíd be happy. Their chaos is brought in by everyone else, and they have to deal with it. Yeah, Gabi and Nick...thereís some good stuff coming up.

The main criticism about Sonny is that heís too straight-laced. What are your thoughts on that?
Iíve brought that up before. It would be fun to have Sonny do something wrong. Gabi and I just got to have like this big fight. And it was a legit fight. I was so excited just to be an asshole. It was so fun. Sonny is very straight-laced. Iím looking forward to him doing something wrong eventually. Because there are no consequences. You kind of do something wrong and then your day is over with, and you go back to your life. It can be fun.

Is the dynamic between Will and Sonny going to change when the recast begins airing?
The dynamic? Yeah. What Iíve been saying is that I think Guy has put his own flavor into the character. He is replacing the character, but heís his own person. Heís doing a great job with it and making it his own. Itís an interesting transition, and I think people are going to like it.

Heís not here today!
No. They have him locked up in a cage in the studio, and theyíre just waiting to release him to the press. Heís so excited, and thatís what Iím really happy about. He is so happy to be on the show, to be working together, and he wants to do this. He really wanted to come today. But I think itís a very smart idea for Days to wait until heís about to air because heís going to have millions of interviews to do. And what can he actually talk about now anyway?

Is there anything else coming up that you can tell us about?
To be honest with you, weíre five months ahead and Iím not even really sure what youíre watching right now.

Well, Will is at Berkeley. Sonny and Sami have been talking about Nick and Gabi.
So Will is writing. Okay. Wow. Something big is about to happen between Gabi and Nick, and thatís what weíre involved in. Sonny has this really fun episode where he overhears something because heís hiding, and it was such a fun episode to shoot. But I canít really say what itís about because it entails a lot of other stuff. Will and Sonny are going to continue to grow as a couple. Theyíre strong.

We always like different character interactions. Have you recently worked with anyone that you donít usually work with?
I just worked with Deidre. I worked with Peggy McCay recently. John Aniston recently. I worked with Eric Martsolf the other day. That was fun.
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