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Whatís next for Nicole?
So, letís see. The reveal happened Friday. Letís just say that accepting an apology right now is not on the top of her list.

Thereís a car chase coming up. Tell us about that.
My brand new car? You know, I think that at the breaking point, youíre not only hurting one of my boys, youíre hurting two of my boys. When it comes to Brady especially, Nicole is like...thatís her go-to guy. We comfort each other, and we have that friends with benefits thing, but heís kind of my family too in a way. Heís been there for her, rain or shine. Bacterial flesh eating disease and losing babies. Sheís just messing with the wrong people. So that car chase is just where sheís legitimately pissed. I donít even think she knows quite what sheís going to do. Itís kind of hair raising. Kristen, you know, she is a DiMera. She scared Nicole just enough to go, ďI donít wanna mess with that family, but now youíve crossed the line.Ē

Is there anything else coming up that you can tell us about?
No. When we get scripts with half of them missing, then you realize we really canít say anything. Because weíre so far ahead, they take things out. I donít even know if I remember what happens after that. I do know that the relationship with Eric and Nicole is still strenuous. Thatís still a way aways. Thatís not something that is going to resolve quickly.

Ericís getting suspended and losing that collar at least for a little while.
Great timing, right? How about that? And now Iím pissed off at you (Eric)!

This story has given Nicole the chance to use her history in a much different way instead of...
The cheap shots? That especially Hope loves to use? Itís an interesting swap that Nicole has gone through in the last year and a half where she has gained some respect from certain people in town. It is used in a positive way. How in the hell could you think that I would do that to you when I went through that with my own father. Itís a great flip, and itís almost therapeutic for her.
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