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You’re back!
I am.

Are you on contract or recurring?
Yes, contract. But you know...a contract’s a contract. I just take it day by day.

Where’s John been?
I’ve been in Benghazi. I’ve been taking care of that situation in Syria. But he had more explosions at home to take care of, so that’s why he’s back in Salem. John had his ear to the tracks. He knew all of the stuff that was happening at the wedding and Marlena’s part in it, and he came back because Brady’s got some issues, but also because he’s got something for Hope. And then finally, he saved the best for last (points at Deidre Hall across the table). The way the storyline was, John made a decision and the way I had to play it as an actor is that blood is thicker than water. It’s the first time he’s made a decision and put really anybody in front of Marlena. So he put his son, to save his life, first banking on the belief that everything they’ve been through has made them strong enough to get through this. Will time have to go by? Absolutely. Is forgiveness part of the healing process? Absolutely. Will it happen? I don’t know, but I think the time and elements are right to come back and see if there’s a bridge here anywhere. Right now, he’s meeting some resistance.

What’s he like when he comes back?
He comes back knowing that she’s going to have a problem with him. But he knows he’s going to have a problem with her, too, because of her role in the Brady fiasco with Kristen. And he knew that whole thing was not going to end well anyway. So he’s a little bit proactive when he comes back. He doesn’t see her right away. He sees Brady first. He sees Hope. And Hope asks him if he’s seen Marlena, and he says, “No, and I’d appreciate your discretion.” And she comes back and says, “You need to.” And he says, “Please. Thank you.” But I see her, and she mentions something to John, and I say, “Well, how did you expect me to react? After what happened at the wedding? And what did you expect me to think about what your role in it was?” That kind of changes the spin of the ball a little bit. But she has got other major issues with everything that’s going on from six months ago with John making the decision to prove to Brady once and for all that Kristen is just whacked out. And he wasn’t really the sharpest knife in the drawer. He could have come up with other ways probably.

You were pretty open on Twitter about no knowing how to play the tail end of your last storyline...
As an actor it was very challenging because it went against character traits that I had developed. It goes back to John and the one thing that he would never do is hurt her or destroy her. That’s where I had a hard time and had to play the Biblical sense of blood is thicker than water.
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