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Marlenaís in some trouble! Tell us about it.
Well, I assume youíre talking about Fridayís show. Oh my gosh! Wasnít that fabulous? That was so long in coming, and our writers are so brilliant at taking one little morsel, like when Kristen bought off the the thug that beat up Brady, and that picture was everywhere. Everybody had it. The little girl had it, the little boy had it. We all knew that was the nail in the coffin if we could just find that thing. And it was the same with the flash drive. Everyone had it. Nobody could find it. It was on the floor, it was in my purse, it was spilled on, it was lost. Itís the anticipation that builds when you have a tool like that, and itís spectacular. Because once itís now been transposed, Victor knows what it is and heís going to make Marlena do it? Oh my God!

Will there be some sort of confrontation with Victor now that heís thrown her under the bus?
I have a moment with him. No, I donít slap him. It isnít what youíre looking for, but I do have a few minutes with him where I get to say, ďWow. You knew.Ē

Johnís coming back. Does she get to be mad?
Yes. Thank God. And weíve played scenes where he keeps trying to infuse himself into a family situation and keeps being told, ďYou have no place in this. Get out. Shut up. Stop talking. None of your business. Step back.Ē Yeah. We all get to do it to him.

So thatís not for a while. Whatís happening between now and then?
We have a new character. Chandlerís gone. And we have Guy coming in. Weíll have a slight transition there. Heís darling. Heís a different guy. Heís not Chandler, but his heart is huge. Heís working very hard to make it work. Heís working with me to make it work. And I think youíre going to love him.

So you will get to interact with him. The Marlena/Will stuff stopped kind of suddenly.
I know. Once he came out and then he met Sonny, I think they just moved on.

It sounds like there is going to be a lot more family interaction.
Itís what weíre all looking for. We all want that family. The tape airing is a sea change for all the storylines. Obviously for Brady, Kristen, Eric, Marlena, Sami...I mean everybody. EJ. Everybody gets flipped upside down. Itís just brilliant storytelling, and it takes you in a whole new direction.

When John left, we got to see a much different Marlena. Will that continue?
Heís only been back for a week or so, and I have very intense scenes coming up with Eric and other things going on. And with Will and Sonny.

Do you see the difference in Marlena now compared to a year ago?
Well, she was a loner. You had a woman who was unattached, not to her family but to her husband. There was a loss. There was a hollowness. But she was foremost a mother, and as we all know as a parent thatís what sustains all of us.
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